Auto body restoration shops are a little different from auto body shops near you. The top  restoration shops are usually fully dedicated to complete restoration projects from frame off and custom builds, but there are some very good auto body shops that can efficiently deliver high quality auto body restoration at a real savings for the vehicle owner and effectively compete with the top 3 auto body restoration shops near you. AREA51CUSTOMCARS.COM

How these auto restoration / body shops can do this is by being a hybrid shop able to keep the project in production by including those repairs or parts that can be filtered through with the normal collision repair processes. It’s a matter of superior scheduling and management. In the final “put together” phase, they will stay open on weekends and give specialized attention to the final push.

When you should choose auto body restoration over a body shop in Glendale or auto body shop Phoenix. The real key is going down to the best body shop near you that does custom builds or classic car restorations and ask the tough question about how much it cost to get what you want and how much the cost or price. Don’t forget to include an “estimate” on repair time. If you want it done “quickly”, be aware that fast would be about 6 (six) months for the average tear down, repair and refinish process.

Where you have the auto restoration done either Phoenix or Glendale should only be considered if you just have to go down to baby sit the renovation.

This is Not recommended!. Your cost will probably go up because you will get new ideas or “interject” in a type of custom auto repair that you assumed you knew how to perform auto restoration. Not knowing the difference may lead to you making unqualified decisions that cause delays for yourself.

What to know about restorations be it auto body or otherwise. If you were classically trained in collision repair or auto body repair will give you a great start in understanding and appreciation for how it’s done. What would be better is if you actually have experience and successfully completed a project in under 2 years.

Knowing what to expect and that it’s good or high quality helps the shop understand what you want and you know what you’re willing to pay for.

It’s rare to find an auto body shop that will discount your cost IF you are serious and are ready to commit, but don’t be afraid to ask for savings on your auto body restoration if you go overboard with your imagination.

THE BEST AUTO BODY RESTORATION IN PHOENIX OR GLENDALE: can be of high quality yet inexpensive (relatively speaking). – Deciding on the quality of paint is essential from the beginning. Be ready for the truth if the last shop “customized” the paint and matching it will cost real time, talent and money.

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Posted by LGCollision on December 23, 2019