Best Auto Body Restoration – Phoenix or Glendale

Posted by LGCollision on December 23, 2019

Auto body restoration shops are a little different from auto body shops near you. The top  restoration shops are usually fully dedicated to complete restoration projects from frame off and custom builds, but there are some very good auto body shops that can efficiently deliver high quality auto body restoration at a real savings for the vehicle … Read More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Posted by LGCollision on March 17, 2016

We wish you a happy St. Patrick’s day, all we ask be careful tonight, stay safe. Don’t drink and drive or Text and drive. Let’s have fun and be safe, remember Uber is offering free rides so everyone can be safe. Just use the code Shamrock 16.

1 out of 5 accidents happen in parking lots

Posted by LGCollision on March 10, 2016

Parking lots are one of the busiest places we visit. With today’s hassle of getting everything done as fast as possible, sometimes lack of concentration creates situations. From dings on the door to scratches on the car here at LG collision we have seen it all. What’s worse is sometimes the person responsible disappears and … Read More

L.G. Collision provides collision repair services in the Phoenix Metro area.

Posted by LGCollision on March 2, 2016

Not only are we insurance approved, we also save you up to $1,000 off your auto deductible. L.G. Collision holds itself to an unparalleled standard. Not only do we provide top of the line craftsmanship and materials, L.G. Collision prides itself on its commitment to customer service. We do what we promise, when we promise … Read More

Professional Collision Services In Phoenix, AZ

Posted by LGCollision on March 2, 2016

At L.G. Collision we make collision repair simple, easy, and affordable! Not only do we save your deductible, we offer a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY on all our work. Our technicians will take time to explain things in a clear and simple manner. When it comes to Phoenix collision repair, we know what you want. You … Read More